Got Computer Problems?

Need help with any of the following…

  • Laptop Screen Repair – if your laptop screen is cracked, broken, completely blank or has a very faint display and you live in the North Cork area, then you’ve come to the right place. We have fixed, repaired and replaced countless laptop screens over the years and are confident we can have your laptop screen working in no time. Click here to learn more about our laptop screen repair service in North Cork…

  • Virus Removal – has your system been infected with a virus? It can be difficult to know whether a virus has infected your computer or laptop, until it’s too late. Virus and other security attacks can have seemly little or no effect on you computer to rendering your system completely unusable, not to mention the security risks, especially with online banking, booking flights or taxing your car with your credit card, identity theft or nuisance & nasty pop-up ads. We can help with virus removal and install virus protection to help guard against future attacks. To learn more about online security and how to protect yourself & your family visit
  • A Slow Computer or Laptop – There are many reasons why your computer or laptop may not be running as it should. These range form a security attacks, faulty or not enough memory to handle system requirements of software & Internet applications, low or fragmented hard disk storage space, unused or unwanted files, plus programs and registry entries clogging up your system. We can make system tweaks and hardware upgrades to boost performances, making your system faster and more stable.
  • Broadband & Internet Connections – With so many broadband & Internet connections available nowadays from Fixed-line, Wireless WiFi, Mobile Broadband, Satellite Broadband and more it can be difficult to choose the best service for your needs. We can help source and set-up your prefered broadband service and deal with any hardware & software issues involved.
  • Digital Cameras, Printing or Scanning – The installation & set-up of computer peripherals such as; digital cameras, printers, scanners and other USB devices, has gotten much easier over the years, but sometimes they simply won’t work as they should. It can proof very difficult and time consuming to track-down and fix these types of issues. We have many years experience dealing with such issues and can help rectify non-responsive units.
  • Computer Networking – Whether you require a wired or wireless network (or a combination) to link shared resources such as Broadband & Internet connections, Printers, File and Data Sharing etc. we can offer assistance with the installation, configuration and upgrade of your home or office computer network.

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